moving on

Moving On

May 1st, 2015 Change Rhain 1 min read

Ok, so we’ve taken stock of what we have learned in certain circumstances that have caused, pain, fear, anxiety, etc.  These situations do not take away from us, they build us and what we do with those situations is what determines our present and future.  The past is just that – the past.  There is nothing you can do about it, things happened and now…

Time to take Stock 1

Time to take Stock

Apr 11th, 2015 Life Over 40 Rhain 3 min read

The bottom line is you have to take the time to take stock of your life.  If you are discontent, bored or just apathetic in your life – well it just might be time to make some realistic changes ~ no?  This can and should happen at a number of points in your life; however, this usually becomes prevalent in middle age.  My theory is…


What You Put Out is What You Get Back – Gratitude

Mar 21st, 2015 Life Lessons Rhain 2 min read

As I previously mentioned I recently re-watched “The Secret” I’ve gone on to read the book “The Power” and I’m now reading “The Magic”.  I’m noticing that shifting old attitudes is not as easy as one would hope.  My big aha moment was realizing how ungrateful I have been, and how gratitude can change the entire perspective of one’s day. The other interesting tidbit is…


Getting Itchy

Mar 6th, 2015 Life Over 40 Rhain 2 min read

I’m getting itchy again, but not sure what it is I’m supposed to do.  I take calming breaths and ground myself knowing that this is a journey.  I’ve had a few business ideas over the past couple years, one we won’t do because it would be very taxing on an almost retired couple.  Another I don’t think will generate enough income, so I suppose I…

responding to you

Life isn’t Happening To You, But it is Responding To You…

Feb 25th, 2015 Life Lessons Rhain 3 min read

It’s been quite the week and I don’t think I’m as good at controlling my feelings as I thought I was; however, I think I recognize it more quickly.  I did get a really cool example of the law of attractions, and when I figured it out – I was thrilled. So it’s Friday and I’m exhausted I just want to get home and really…


Becoming a Deliberate Creator of my Life

Feb 15th, 2015 Change Rhain 4 min read

  My motto for the week is Don’t focus on what you Don’t want!   Week One February 15th First of all, I need to start this out with what I’m sincerely grateful for: My boyz, they love me and want nothing but good things for me. My finance, he loves me unconditionally, he grounds me, makes me feel sexy and alive. My job, because it…


Today is the First Day of My New Life

Feb 15th, 2015 Life Lessons Rhain 4 min read

Almost a year later I’m back to my personal blog.  Many other things have gone on in the past 10 months or so and I’ve been trying to find my footing.  Remember life is a journey and sometimes we need to take a few side roads to appreciate where we are, and what is important to us.  I’ve had that significant journey over the last…



Apr 23rd, 2014 Observations Rhain 2 min read

I personally believe every relationship is a partnership, and while it does not need to be equal at all times, it does need to even out at some point. I also get that everyone has a different definition of what is equal, for example someone who stays at home to raise children is no less equal of the person who is out earning an income….

Mortality - Breathe


Apr 18th, 2014 Observations Rhain 2 min read

We all know that we are going to die someday, we were born to die.  Death is not a subject I like to think about, nor dwell on, which I think is similar to most ~ however, I do think that our lack of appreciation for life is somewhat disturbing. What you say?  I hear you saying “f-you” I appreciate my life!  I ask ~…


Resistance, Resentment, Discomfort

Mar 29th, 2014 Life Over 40 Rhain 2 min read

Howdy all, it’s been awhile right!  Sorry but my daily life interfered and I was working 16 hour days – there was nothing left to write about – the fact I was able to remember my own name was an accomplishment.  Not that I’m complaining some projects were finished, others started so that’s all good. So what am I writing about my first blog back,…

Amazing Shit

Amazing Shit

Feb 4th, 2014 Life Over 40 Rhain 2 min read

Hey all welcome to my “temporary” weekly blog – I’ll go back to 3-4 times a week probably in April.  You might think that only writing gives me more time to contemplate what I’m going to write, and the quality will be oh so much better – but ya – no.  I’ve moved to this schedule cause of my day JOB which means there really…

Money Honey


Jan 28th, 2014 Change Rhain 4 min read

Ok, so yes terribly behind in blogging, but I told you all that this would happen as I’m in March madness and truthfully there is only so much I can do before I’m brain dead. Seriously, I haven’t even cleaned my house for two weeks and I’m kinda OCD about that so that in itself should tell you where I’m at.  Anyway, as I’ve probably…


Time – Perception

Jan 20th, 2014 Life Lessons Rhain 2 min read

March madness is upon me – I go through this cycle every year and no matter how well I plan and execute the work we have for any given year, January comes along and shit hits the fan.  I know we create our own realty but if you work in the civil service, you know that this is not 100% your “reality” – others influence…


The Question Why

Jan 17th, 2014 Life Lessons Rhain 1 min read

A few months ago I wrote about “why” and I’m coming back to that subject — the most important question of everyday life is the question why.  We did it as kids and drove our parents crazy so we stopped doing it, because we were conditioned out of it – and that my friends is just wrong. Now we all know, or you should have…

kick ass life

Kick Ass Life

Jan 15th, 2014 Life Over 40 Rhain 2 min read

So I’m a little behind (in everything) and I have house guests (which I don’t want to ignore) and I have a shit ton of shit to do…that pretty much sums up my day.  However, I’m sitting in my bathroom writing my blog and I only have a few minutes to do it in. After a day full of meetings that really don’t result in…


The Universe Gives You What You Need

Jan 13th, 2014 Change Rhain 1 min read

A friend and I were recently talking and the question they posed was “how do you know when you are on the right path?”  Personally I think this is a question we should ask ourselves more often. It got me to thinking because to say I’ve been on a different path for the past year would be the understatement of 2014…I firmly believe that the…



Jan 11th, 2014 Observations Rhain 2 min read

Those of you who know me personally know that I’m a little anti-social…it’s not that I don’t love you or that I don’t care, it is just that I’m bombarded with people all day, every day and if it’s not people then it’s email and facebook, and, and, and.  When it is finally “my time” I really like to chill with my honey, in my…

personal manifesto

Personal Manifesto

Jan 9th, 2014 Observations Rhain 2 min read

As I was re-reading my posts for the past few weeks, I concluded that it may be time to write my own personal manifesto.   The purpose being to declare my beliefs, opinions, motives, and intentions. With writing out my intentions, I can hold myself accountable to what my brain is saying I should do and what I actually get done. It seems that thoughts…

the man

Workin For the Man

Jan 8th, 2014 Life Over 40 Rhain 2 min read

You never realize how boring your life is, until someone asks you what you like to do for fun. ~ Hilarious quotes   To say workin for the man is getting a little old for me (37 years) would be a fact.  I have been doing something for someone else for most of my life, earlier if you were going to consider babysitting, and Kool-Aid…

gettin busy

Gettin Busy

Jan 7th, 2014 Life Over 40 Rhain 2 min read

Ambition is a poor excuse for not having enough sense to be lazy. ~ Bumper Sticker Humor It is a new year and there is so much to do no?  I always feel like I’ve opened up a brand new book and I get to start filling in the pages on New Years day – this blog happens to be those pages.  Of course I…


Getting to know you

Jan 5th, 2014 Observations Rhain 2 min read

Do not adjust your mind: it is reality that is malfunctioning! ~ Bumper Sticker Humor It’s not as easy as we all think it is, getting to know you. I find the process interesting, because there is the you that everyone thinks they know, then there is the you that a few really get to know, and then underneath all that, there is the true…



Jan 3rd, 2014 Observations Rhain 2 min read

Diagonally parked in a parallel universe. ~ Bumper Sticker Humor   Here is a good start to 2014.  Tonight’ s topic is on patience. Oh so don’t have much of it (patience that is)…when it comes to dealing with myself.  I “will” things to happen or at least that is what I’m trying to do.  I have a hard time allowing things to happen.  I’m getting…

New Year 2014

Happy New Year

Jan 1st, 2014 Life Lessons Rhain 2 min read

We will open the book. Its pages are blank. We are going to put words on them ourselves. The book is called Opportunity and its first chapter is New Year’s Day.   Welcome to 2014 you all!  I love, love, love even years – for some reasons my life alters on those years, or stupendous insights are made as well as major decisions – so…



Dec 30th, 2013 Change Rhain 2 min read

Different drummer? I’m my own band! ~Bumper Sticker Humor Tonight I want to chat a little bit about intentions.  Not the (road to hell is paved in them type) but real honest to good intentions.  Why you may ask, well because the New Year is coming fast and furiously and it’s time to figure out (well at least for me) what my intentions are for…



Dec 28th, 2013 Emotions and Feelings Rhain 2 min read

Love is not FINDING the right person, it’s BEING the right person ~ Bumper Sticker Wisdom Sigh, this is a touchy subject, especially if he decides to read my blog tonight…but I have to say I really miss romance, both instigating and receiving… I’ll admit that he has never been terribly romantic – well ok he has never been romantic…I love the little extras, like…


Unlocking Creativity

Dec 26th, 2013 Life Over 40 Rhain 2 min read

Growing old is inevitable. Growing up is optional. ~ Bumper Sticker Humor It’s kind of funny, if asked if I’m creative, I will say absolutely not – I don’t have a creative bone in my body.  Yet I write every day, I love to cook, have had the most amazing gardens, I decorate incredibly well, I can plan and execute amazing surprises, I can oil…

merry christmas

Merry Christmas

Dec 24th, 2013 Relationships Rhain 2 min read

Wow a lot has happened since Christmas Eve 2012 and even though I generally find my life quite boring, I can say that things have changed.  To start with, this blog, has helped me overcome some major issues from my past — ya, ya, I know I’m not finished, believe me, but I’m generally very happy, well-functioning and much better prepared for what life throws…

law of attraction

Law of Attraction

Dec 22nd, 2013 Life Over 40 Rhain 2 min read

Ambition is a poor excuse for not having enough sense to be lazy. ~ Bumper Sticker Humor I have written a lot about my amazing survival skills and well my lack of belief  in the law of attraction and I have reason to pull myself up by the short hairs and say really?  You don’t believe in the law of attraction? Why am I chatting…

bathing suit

Bathing Suit Shopping

Dec 20th, 2013 Rants Rhain 3 min read

Fuck me…can I just leave it at that and consider my blog job done?  No, eh, fine here we go. So last night I went bathing suit shopping (like most people I have body image issues).  I’ve gained weight over the last couple years, I tell myself I don’t care, but ya I do, and I’m always on the diet wheel.  I deal – sorta. …



Dec 18th, 2013 Life Lessons Rhain 2 min read

Weak people revenge. Strong people forgive. Intelligent people ignore. ~ Bumper Sticker Wisdom   So this is day two or maybe three of the “new” me.  Many of my blogs have chatted about reinvention and as always I’ve looked at it as the whole package, as opposed to its many parts.  Now, because of that, I’ve missed a couple opportunities to change, and so I’m…



Dec 16th, 2013 Life Over 40 Rhain 3 min read

We are an eternal spiritual being, having a temporary human experience. ~ Bumper Sticker Wisdom So I’m going to go a little Buddha on you tonight because today’s blog is a little on the flaky side – well at least for me.  I’m actually a very spiritual person, I don’t tend to broadcast my views because I think what I believe in are very basic…



Dec 14th, 2013 Rants Rhain 2 min read

Piglet noticed that even though he had a Very Small Heart, it could hold a rather large amount of Gratitude. Wow, I am one whiny bitch.  Yup, ok sure I’ve faced a number of challenges in life, I may not know where I’m going and/or why, but seriously I should be ashamed of myself.  Why this topic tonight?  Well I’m a little sick of myself…



Dec 12th, 2013 Change Rhain 2 min read

He who angers you, controls you! Bumper Sticker Wisdom I was reminded today that we all make choices and obviously those choices affect our daily lives.  So ya, I’m kinda feeling a tad adrift these days, but you know what – that’s a choice.  If I really wanted to “focus” I would – but I’m not, and I think that is because I’m not ready…



Dec 10th, 2013 Observations Rhain 2 min read

Warning – mental back-up in progress. ~ Bumper Sticker Humor I have always lived by my gut and this little voice inside my head that says “if you don’t do xyx, it’s gonna bite ya”.  That voice saved me a beating many times when I was young (for reference, go back and read some of my earlier blogs).  Back in the day, I would be…



Dec 8th, 2013 Life Over 40 Rhain 2 min read

Just when you think life is a bitch, it has puppies. ~ Bumper Sticker Humor November was a reflective month for me, one birth year ending and another starting.  I got excited, morose, and a number of other things that I won’t get into at the moment.  I realize that a couple days ago we talked about joy and so for some reason tonight I…



Dec 6th, 2013 Emotions and Feelings Rhain 2 min read

Enlightenment is like a really good cheesecake but different. ~ Bumper Sticker Humor It’s an interesting concept – Joy – what is joy, what brings you joy, do you have enough joy, what is joy.  First things first, because I love our friends at joy  – noun 1.            the emotion of great  happiness caused by something exceptionally good or satisfying; keen pleasure; elation: She…



Dec 4th, 2013 Emotions and Feelings Rhain 2 min read

Just so you know, I don’t see envy as a bad thing, but rather a tool that sheds some light on what you want out of life.  I’m always amazed (and by the way, I do this to) how we look as someone else’s life and think, wow they’ve got it all…if only, or I bet they don’t have to (insert whatever you want here)….


Blah Days

Dec 2nd, 2013 Emotions and Feelings Rhain 2 min read

I’m kinda wondering what people do on those blah days.  Now you can have blah days when it is nice and sunny, but generally I have them when it is cold and cloudy – like today.  I was planning on making a surprise breakfast for my honey that’s been out on the road since Friday night, but no, he is stuck out of town till…



Nov 30th, 2013 Change Rhain 1 min read

No, don’t jump to assumptions, my honey and I are still together but he has a new job that takes him away from home for 30 hours at a time.  We’ve been together for seven years soon to be eight and out of those 2555 days I think we’ve been apart for maybe 20 days. Now I don’t mind being alone, seriously I like my…


Mommy Bloggers

Nov 28th, 2013 Observations Rhain 1 min read

Mom’s Travel Agency — Ask about our guilt trips. ~ Bumper Sticker Humor So, I have a blog—neat and of course I read other peoples blogs, research blogs, find out what is being said where ~ why you might ask?  Well I’m kinda curious, I wonder about “my point of view (POV) and how I might be coming across. Now, like a lot of bloggers,…


Why I don’t Check Lotto Tickets

Nov 26th, 2013 Observations Rhain 2 min read

Before that lottery ticket won the jackpot, someone had to buy it. ~ Bumper Sticker Humor I do check lotto tickets, I just hang onto them longer than the average bear.  I check them every four months or so because I like self-delusion of thinking that I just might have the ultimate exit strategy ~ it soothes the reality beast. I’m actually quite surprised at…



Nov 24th, 2013 Relationships Rhain 1 min read

Cleverly Disguised As A  Responsible Adult ~ Bumper Sticker Humor The world is full of it ~ don’t ya think (pressure that is); however I think most of it is self-created.  Now that’s not to say that there are not outside influences, but I think that a lot of it is what we do to ourselves.  Pressure to succeed, pressure to please, pressure to do…



Nov 22nd, 2013 Life Lessons Rhain 2 min read

Allow me to introduce my selves. ~ Bumper Sticker Humor Whew, I did it.  I’ve rewritten my resume and it only took about 4 days to do it (not full days mind you – couple hours here and there) but it is done, and it is very cool.  I’m in a position where I hire people and I always sit there and go “really” did…


Don’t Judge

Nov 20th, 2013 Rants Rhain 2 min read

Advice is free: The right answer will cost plenty. ~ Bumper Sticker Humor I’ve written a few blogs about judging and seriously folks – unless you know something for sure, I suggest you don’t judge until you really know what the F you are talking about.  Tonight’s rant comes from a friend of a friend who casually said “must be nice to be a government…

wizard of Oz

Ho Hum

Nov 18th, 2013 Emotions and Feelings Rhain 2 min read

Auntie Em, Hate you, hate Kansas, taking the dog. Dorothy. ~ Bumper Sticker Humor Yup, (ho hum) pretty much sums up how I’m feeling about life right now, and honestly I’ve read a ton of how to make your life exciting, how to spice up your relationship, live the life you are meant to live!  So my conclusion is – I’m not alone (fucking fantastic…


When Is Enough – Enough ?

Nov 16th, 2013 Emotions and Feelings Rhain 4 min read

0 to bitch in 3.6 seconds ~ Bumper Sticker Humor So I find myself in a bit of a pickle and instead of dealing with it directly, I thought I would write it out to see if it gives me a different perspective.  Of course, I wanted to share just to see if you all think I’m a total bitch or perhaps I have a…



Nov 14th, 2013 Observations Rhain 2 min read

So not sure if I was feeling bored, uninspired or just wanted to creep – but I did – on Facebook.  I was a little curious to see who had my birth last name and, if they did, where they were.  Now my maiden name is quite unusual so now I’m wondering if all those folks could possibly be relatives…there are 158 of them…(neat) six…

Hurtling towards 50

Hurtling towards 50

Nov 12th, 2013 Life Over 40 Rhain 2 min read

Chicken Little was Right! ~ Bumper Sticker Humor I’ve never been an ageist – really.  I’m one of those people that saw 30 as an opportunity, 40 as cool, but I’m having some real issues with 50.  I remember meeting people in their 50’s when I was twenty something and thinking “holy fuck – they are really old, on their way out, time to be…


Is it Normal to be so Conflicted?

Nov 10th, 2013 Rants Rhain 2 min read

Being “over the hill” is much better than being under it! ~ Bumper Sticker Humor I’ve always said that I have a contradictory personality, I’m going to redefine that to say I have a conflicted personality (or it could be that I’m just lazy which we will explore another day).  Our friends at define conflicted as: “To come into collision or disagreement; be contradictory,…


I’m Exceptionally Boring

Nov 8th, 2013 Observations Rhain 2 min read

All stressed out and no one to choke. ~ Bumper Sticker Humor It’s sad, but true I have discovered that I’m an exceptionally boring individual.  Oh sure, I can delude myself (and hopefully others) that I’m not, but the sad fact is – yup ~ I’m stupid boring. Now some of the people I find interesting really are not – they are just so caught…